Tourist Attractions

Corner of Chilcas

Corner The Top 10 Chile by the rock art in Chile.
The small town of Rincon De Las Chilcas, was chosen from the 10 rock art TOP destinations in Chile, at the same level of places like:
Easter Island, San Pedro de Atacama, Valle Del Encanto.

From the Desert to Patagonia, Chile stones were marked with scratches and punctures that only now are beginning to discover and understand. Also, be part of exciting tours that seek the most indelible image in our history.

Rincon of Chilcas, 30 minutes Combarbalá, becomes the most entertaining is the Chaguareche hill, full of paintings that would have left the zone mol civilization. Some were also engraved on the stone. And, in the fields, highlights the unusual "UFO." A man who, at first glance, it seems to get off a flying saucer.

Stone Virgin

This is a legend about the year 1910, is said to have originated a local story of a young woman who ran away from home, not to receive approval from his mother to marry a young farmer. She escaped at dusk to the field of rocks, his mother was still in pursuit, had settled in not cursed her, telling her "that protect you like rocks, stone you have to turn" and she never found, as she had hidden in the boulders of the site, later formed the image of women, the rock that struck was white and appeared more clearly the figure of a virgin.

All the villagers attributed it to the girl who had escaped and had been cursed by his mother. Today there are still faithful to admire their courage and love of the young and is known as "Stone Virgin." There is a great number of plates of thanks, for the favors designed part of it. People who were cured of disease, usually children. The Chinese, through his dancing ask for rain, which is not slow in falling into the area, then you make more local tributes, only with the "Party Girl." That is made up of ordinary people.

Southern Cross Observatory

It is located in the Cerro Peralito 3.5 km southeast of Combarbalá.

The resort has four observation domes, arranged just as the astronomical constellation Southern Cross reference of the southern skies. Besides the observatory includes a multimedia room in the middle of training.

At the center of the four observation domes that form the extremes of the Southern Cross, will see a multi-purpose room with a spherical dome for lectures, films and seminars. In future, this same site will result in a high-tech planetarium with a capacity of 80 people. To complement the multifunctional concept of this observatory, the exterior of the central hall will be equipped as open space for musical events and outdoor observations.

Photos: Courtesy of Rodrigo Marín.